Use of Hollow Board Turnover Box in Vegetable Market

Nowadays, most vegetable wholesale markets use foam boxes to load vegetables. Although foam boxes are waterproof and compressive, they are large in size and cannot be folded and are inconvenient to recycle. In addition, the styrofoam foam itself is brittle and easy to crush. It is broken, so the foam box is only a disposable vegetable turnover box.


The folding hollow board turnover box is more suitable for vegetable transportation and packaging, because the folding hollow board turnover box is made of non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly and pollution-free PP hollow board as the sheet. The folding hollow board turnover box has light weight and stretch resistance. , High strength, moisture-proof and waterproof characteristics, and great toughness, not easy to be crushed, even if it is squeezed by gravity, it is only slightly deformed. After the squeezing force is removed, it can still be restored to its original state. Continue use.图片1


The biggest feature of the folding hollow board turnover box is that it can be folded and stored after the vegetable transportation turnover is completed. Compared with the traditional foam turnover box, the storage space of the turnover box is greatly reduced, and it can be recycled and reused. According to demand, a vegetable turnover box with a variety of colors can be developed, and the surface can be printed or pasted with peritoneum, which can show the information of vegetable products more clearly.


In the current living environment that advocates environmental protection, the folding hollow board turnover box is more environmentally friendly than the traditional styrofoam foam box. The future vegetable transportation turnover process will have an increasing demand for the folding hollow board turnover box.


Post time: Dec-16-2020