Introduce of pp corflute tree guard

We are the biggest pp corflute tree guard producer in China.Tree guard is made from pp corflute,corrugated plastic sheet,is a rigid plastic,it can protect the tree,we can add UV,can print logo and so on.

They are very durable, very fast to install and remain presentable much longer than other forms of tree guard.These guards are welded at one seam or with tabs, and easily folded at the others. Flat packed for transport, they can be simply opened out and a stake inserted into the specially pre-cut slits.A rectangular hardwood stake is available with these guards the specially machined shape of these stakes prevent the guards from spinning around the stake and damaging the plant.

Corflute tree guard is in a variety of sizes and shape. One is tab type,  complete with a unique tab system allowing the guard to be opened up, laid flat for storage and re-used.

Another welding tree guard includes a welded seam allowing the product to be easily spring into shape reducing installation time. All tree guards are UV stabilised corflute for at least 2 year using life .

Square Tree Guard, Pentagonal Tree Guard and Hexagon Tree Guard also avaliable. These guards mainly used in Europe .

Post time: Oct-09-2020